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Training Solutions

Sonovision UK’s Training department provide bespoke Computer Based Training (CBT) and training materials. Our team work closely with our customers to ensure that we effectively assess their training needs and identify their objectives. We provide self-paced, engaging, interactive learning experiences, tailored to the customer’s budget.

  • What we provide?

    Legacy training
    Template creation

  • What we provide?

    Training Needs Analysis
    Desktop & mobile platforms
    Instructor led training

  • What we produce?

    Instructor guides
    Lesson plans
    Handouts & support material
    Practical exercises
    Worked examples

  • What we produce?

    Bespoke CBT's
    Training material
    Multimedia, Web
    & PowerPoint formats

Bespoke, engaging and professional training solutions with Sonovision UK

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Computer Based Training (CBT)
and Training Material

At Sonovision UK our production team creates bespoke CBT packages by seamlessly combining database information with multimedia elements such as video, audio, text, graphics and animation to build complete applications for training and presentation. We can design and build a CBT solution around your own particular training requirements that is tailored to your budget, to engage learners and effectively communicate training goals.

Bespoke CBTs, written and produced by our training team will help to effectively communicate your training objectives and material. Engaging content and interactivity will help learners to learn at their own pace with the option of the results and progress being tracked and reviewed by the training supervisor. A CBT can be delivered over an office Intranet or over the Internet to remote learners, this allows learners to access training material without the need for traditional classroom sessions.

From the initial design and script production to preparation and programming of the various software elements, we can produce complete, high quality and cost effective training and information packages.

Our Activities

Conception and Research

Discussions with in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to determine the training audience, the level of content and the delivery mechanism.


We produce ‘Storyboards’ that clearly define the proposed content and approach including media and levels of interactivity.

Branding Templates

Template contents are fully customised to follow your branding, adding content navigation tools to internal and external resources. We create stunning graphics and supporting imagery to enhance your training material.

Media Rich Interactive Content Development

High Resolution 3D animations (with or without user interaction) to support the following types of activities:

- Procedures including simple and complex operations
- Usage scenarios
- Demonstrating system capabilities in real world situations
- Video capture, editing and visual effects


Quizzing using a variety of quiz media including but not limited to:

- Multiple Choice Questions - True / False Questions - Cloze type learning activities
- Interactive Questions i.e. Drag and Drop question/answer matching
- Quiz reporting for LMS evaluation including performance statistics