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Technical Publications

Sonovision UK’s Technical Publications department has a proven ability to deliver a full range of publications, ranging from complete system manuals to individual handbooks. Our industry specific expertise and knowledge ensures our customers can trust us to complete all phases of the production life-cycle, from source data analysis, preparation and production, through to delivery.

  • Friendly Support

    Fully managed projects
    Online help
    Bid, proposals and reports
    Process procedures

  • Specialist skills

    S1000D on-line documentation
    Support for DITA
    Interactive Electronic Publications
    Training material

  • Illustrate & Create

    Technical illustrating
    Illustrated parts catalogues
    Exploded and cut-aways
    Perspective & Isometric
    3D modelling

  • Technically Correct

    System manuals
    Operators manuals
    User guides
    Workshop manuals
    Maintenance manuals
    Software manuals

Comprehensive, proven and professional Technical Publications with Sonovision UK

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Technical Writing and Authoring

Sonovision UK have proven ability in the preparation of a full range of Technical Publications, from complete system manuals to individual handbooks for both large and small projects. All phases of the production life-cycle, from source data analysis through to preparation and delivery are expertly handled. We can develop any type of printed or online documentation, including S1000D, XML , DITA and Training Material. Our in-house technical writers/authors and illustrators combine to provide industry specific expertise.

Technical Illustrating

Our Design Studio specialises in the preparation of all types of technical illustrating material. These range from perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away line illustrations to support all forms of technical documentation. Additionally, our technical illustrators and graphic designers produce 3D animations and visualisations for multimedia and marketing material.

Interactive Electronic Publications

In recent years demand has increased for platform independent on-line documentation. Sonovision UK can deliver documentation in various formats including SGML, XML, HTML and PDF, tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

Multimedia is having a major impact on the Technical Publications business. We are ideally placed to help our clients with their legacy migration, Data Capture and conversion from traditional production methods to the multimedia field. This technology opens up many opportunities for producing user friendly documentation that can be delivered on CD-ROM or online.

Data Capture and Desktop Publishing

Sonovision UK offers a comprehensive Data Capture and Desktop Publishing service, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for data capture and data conversion for both graphics and text formats. This enables Sonovision UK to capture legacy paper documents into searchable scanned PDF files with background OCR.

Sonovision UK can accurately and cost effectively convert large volumes of paper information into electronic form. The files we can supply include MS Office, HTML, SGML, XML, PDF, TXT, Spreadsheets and many more. This service can be integrate with our interactive publication services, which encompasses the creation and use of Structured Templates and Style Sheets such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for web and paper, tagging data to the S1000D style sheet for the production of Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP’S) or the production of Structured MS Word of FrameMaker files that can be converted into hyperlinked PDF’s

S1000D On-line Documentation

We deliver documentation in various on-line formats to enable information to be viewed by a wider audience. Our S1000D specialists can support small to large-scale projects, which include the generation of a full range of Data Module types against a DTD, DRML and a set of Business Rules. The Data Modules can be supplied individually into our clients Common Source Data Base (CSDB) or generated on our own CSDB.

Support for DITA
(Darwin information Typing Architecture)

DITA is a standard for creating and publishing topic-based content. Traditional book layouts include chapters, sections, and subsections, but other types of documentation (e.g. web pages, online help) are structured differently. DITA works by organising information into small chunks which can be assembled in many different ways, allowing authors to re-use the same information for different types of documentation. Single source technologies such as DITA, allow us to create your information once and re-use it as many times as required, keeping costs down and making translation simpler.