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Engineering Support

Sonovision UK provide a range of Engineering Support, involving the design and manufacture of Ground Support Equipment and MSG-3 documentation services.

  • Engineering Support

    Ground Support Equipment
    Concept, Design &
    Serial Manufacture
    Prototype tooling

  • MSG-3 Support

    Systems / Power plant & APU's
    Aircraft structure
    Zonal inspections
    Lighting / High intensity radiated field

  • Support Services

    Translations for:
    Technical documents
    Software applications
    E-learning content

  • Support Services

    Integrated Logistic
    Support (ILS)
    S1000D data modules
    s2000M for spares support

Engineering excellence and technical expertise with Sonovision UK

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Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
Concept, Design and Serial Manufacture

Through continuous commitment to ‘engineering excellence’, Sonovision UK is a leading supplier in the design and manufacture of Aviation Ground Support Equipment.

We design and manufacture prototype precision tooling; for both assembly and manufacturing applications.

MSG-3 Support

We provide MSG-3 documentation services for the following 4 areas:

- Systems / Power plant, including components and Auxiliary Power Units (APU)
- Aircraft Structure
- Zonal Inspections
- Lightning / High Intensity Radiated Field (L / HIRF)

Our aim is to produce Scheduled Maintenance information with safety & reliability at a minimum total cost.

Support Services

Sonovision UK provide a range of support services ranging from Translation Support which includes in-house and external translation, Integrated Logistics Support to Fully Managed Projects.


We deliver high quality translations to our clients that guarantee complete end-user satisfaction. We combine language excellence and technical expertise with our Technical Publication experience to meet our client’s technical translation and localisation requirements.

We can be relied on to translate technical documentation, software applications, online help systems, corporate websites and eLearning content on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

Sonovision UK supply Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) services to its clients that enable us to supply a complete publications service. The delivered ILS services are a strategic approach to managing the Through Life Cost (TLC) of a procurement project by optimising the Support System required for equipment. One of the outputs from the ILS process is the Technical Documentation; if ILS inputs are managed well, this can help produce good quality data for the production of electronic publications, including S1000D data modules and S2000M for spares support.

Fully Managed Projects

A number of our clients have completely outsourced their Technical Publications to us, and have been doing so for many years – reducing their overhead costs. We have the expertise to manage projects from the planning and production stages to final delivery in accordance with the client’s expectations.

We can provide consultancy support on all aspects of documentation management and production, regardless of project.

Sonovision UK are committed to provding an outstanding service to our clients and are dedicated to the development of an effective Data Exchange System, that delivers cost-effective publications that can be used on a wide variety of delivery platforms.

Nuclear Industry

An integrated group with a specialist approach, Sonovision supports the nuclear industry in providing expertise in design and engineering activities for the construction of the nuclear new build power plant in the United Kingdom.

Our Capabilities

Sonovision can mobilise a multi-trade team (mechanical, electricity, ventilation, civil engineering) at any time to work closely with the design specialists and in synergy with the Group’s other departments to meet all our customer’s needs.