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Design Studio

Sonovision UK’s Design Studio is made up of a talented team of Graphic Designers, Illustrators, 3D Animators and Desk Top Publishers. Our team seamlessly integrates their talents, supplying a high quality service, leading to an even higher quality end product. We work closely with our customers to ensure not only that their requirements are met, but that their expectations are exceeded.

  • We are Creative

    Graphic design
    Marketing material
    Logo design & Branding
    Bid graphics

  • Technically smart

    Technical illustrating
    Exploded and cut-aways
    Perspective & Isometric

  • Going Digital

    Website & online design
    Screen / UI & UX design
    Multimedia design
    Interactive presentations

  • Animate and visualise

    3D Animated movies
    Walk-throughs animations
    Photorealistic visuals
    Architectual environments

Creative studio, inspiring designs and animation with Sonovision UK

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Graphic Design

Graphic design and the development and delivery of corporate literature for both print and digital media is one of Sonovision UK’s key services. Whether you require company brochures, adverts, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, folders, booklets, direct mail leaflets or a complete branding solution we provide cutting-edge graphic design services to improve the effectiveness of your business marketing.

Marketing Material

From brochures and datasheets to web based solutions, our design team are able to showcase your business in the best possible light, helping you engage with your prospects and convert them into customers.

You can view some of our best work here.

Logo & Branding

We believe a brand is a comprehensive experience that communicates to your audience and defines who your company is. Beginning with visual identity, such as logos, web interfaces, imagery, and communications. There is no limit to the involvement a consumer will have with a brand. And we can help you with all of it.

You can view some of our best work here.

Exhibition Material

Our highly skilled creative team will make you stand out from the crowd at busy exhibitions, creating beautiful exhibition materials from pop up roller banners to bespoke shell schemes.

You can view some of our best work here.

Technical Illustrating

Our Design Studio specialises in the preparation of all types of technical illustrating material. These range from perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away line illustrations to support all forms of technical documentation. Additionally, our technical illustrators and graphic designers produce 3D animations and visualisations for multimedia and marketing material.

Multimedia and Digital Services

We develop high-quality multimedia presentations, for delivery both online and offline. Our highly creative approach enables us to deliver a product that will be informative and engaging which encourages learning and participation.

Interactive Presentations

Using the latest touchscreen technology, we offer fully interactive presentations which can be operated from desktop, tablet, mobile devices or synchronised with larger displays.

You can view some of our best work here.

Video Editing & Creation

We produce dynamic promotional videos, including video editing and voice overs.

You can view some of our best work here.

Web Based Solutions

We offer a complete online service, enabling us to deliver web solutions using the latest methods of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, while also providing a full design and development of iOS and Android Apps optimised for desktop, smartphone and tablet devices for all your mobile strategies.

You can view some of our best work here.

Bid Support Services

We have a wealth of experience in supporting bid teams in presenting professional bid submissions. With a proven track record of supporting winning bids, we understand that the presentation and continuity process is a major part in any company’s successful tender.

We are dedicated to supplying a complete service, this includes the design and production of bid templates and graphics, desktop publishing, editing and the final print of the bid documents. Our staff are committed to achieving your deadlines, often working around the clock to meet client need.

3D Animation & Visualisations

We design and develop innovative and inspiring animations that take your products and presentations to the next level. Used in animated presentations for training purposes, they demonstrate how something works, or how it should be used. Using the latest hardware and software, we combine motion movies, motion graphics, text and sound into dynamic animation and visualisation solutions.

Our Capabilities

Using our 3D software we turn the simplest of sketches or storyboards into striking and imaginative visuals to bring movement and emotion to your projects. Our capabilities include:-

Animated movies

At Sonovision UK we create visually stimulating 3D animated movies from promotional & product marketing to real-world scenarios, using the latest techniques in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

You can view some of our best work here.

Walk through animations

We create high quality dynamic 3D virtual walkthrough animations to enable our clients to experience their designs and products first hand before they are built and maunfactured.

You can view some of our best work here.

3D visuals

Bringing a brand to life through 3D Visuals can put it into perspective for both the client and the consumers. 3D Visuals help make things relatable and interactive. It sets the pace in an increasingly connected global storytelling experience. We build kinetic designs that speak to people and stir action.

You can view some of our best work here.

3D modelling and rendering

We believe 3D modelling is an essential part of any design project, at Sonovision UK we provide a wide range of 3D modelling services. We have the in-house knowledge and expertise to create high quality 3D models, built from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products.

You can view some of our best work here.

Photorealistic product visualisation

Our highly-skilled 3D artists can utilise your CAD data or create detailed models from drawings, and produce photorealistic 3D models to illustrate almost any object or process with breath-taking graphics, giving a real-world feel.

You can view some of our best work here.

Architectural environments

Utilising 3D visualisation we provide 3D Architectural Environments that create stunning visuals of a project assisting to launch your idea often before a brick has been laid

You can view some of our best work here.

Interactive Applications

We are developing our Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality page, please come back soon.

Our Capabilities


Virtual Reality

At Sonovision UK we are developing Virtual Reality experiences for the engineering and construction sectors. Please come back soon, or get in touch for further information.

Augmented Reality

At Sonovision UK we are developing Augmented Reality experiences for the engineering and construction sectors. Please come back soon, or get in touch for further information.